The Rise of Rolex And How To Get One

Did you hear about Rolex? I bet you did. but why? How did Rolex came into the attention of so many people so fast? Rolex is one of the most trending brands in the luxury watches (Swiss Made) right now. Next to Audemars Piguet & Patek Philippe.
In this article we will explain The Rise of Rolex And How To Get One.

I will explain it to you if you will read all points one by one.

Why is it so wanted the last years?

Basically Rolex was always pretty famous as an luxury watch. They began to produce / manufacture it many years ago (1920). The special thing about the brand is that since the beginning they did manufacture their own mechanism. Which means they did not use ETA or Standard mechanism you could buy in the market. Nowadays more and more companies are starting to produce there own mechanism like: Cartier, Breitling etc.. before they did use ETA movements which you could buy in Ebay or random websites.

They are many reasons why Rolex is so wanted the last years. One of them is because the older it gets, the better. Yes, just like wine. Old (Rolex) Watches can be extremely rare and therefore pretty expensive if you go to the right auctions. Here are some references the will show you owners who bought the watch for less then 500 dollars and selling it for a huge amount.

  1. Appraisal: 1960 GMT Master Model Rolex with Box & Papers
    This is a YouTube link where you can see that someone bought a Rolex watch in the year of 1960 for only 120 Dollars and is worth today between 45000-65000 USD.

  2. The Paul Newman Rolex.
    It has been bought as a present for only 200 USD and got auctioned for 17.8 Million USD! A record for a wristwatch.
    Paul Newman Rolex

As you can see, Rolex does keep his value and increasing after couple of years. With the years more and more people did see those (YouTube) videos, read articles about the prizes and wanted to buy one as investment. Which was a pretty good move.

This is the first step / reason why Rolex is so wanted the last years and impossible to buy.

Why is it so hard to get one? (New in the shop)

The main reason why is it so hard to get a Rolex watch is because the demand is much higher than the supply. Please note that not all models are so famous, later we will discuss which ones are and aren’t that famous.

So here is a small story about my experience trying to buy a brand new Rolex watch from a Rolex store.

I was in London at Harrods and i wanted to buy a 41MM Rolex datejust in steel. I’ve entered the shop, said to the sales manager to get me that watch. He said they don’t have it (I did expect that)

I told him to show me a Rolex watch within 40 to 41 MM in full steel. He looked at me with a smile and said: “Sir, i’m sorry but i can’t help you”.
He didn’t even want to put me on the waiting list since only Harrods clients are allowed to buy the “wanted” watches and they see the records of those clients if they did a big purchase or not in the past few years… So i’m not that guy and went out of the store.

If you want to get that one watch which will rise and is currently rising in price, you will have to wait and have lots of luck.

Another reason they will tell you they don’t have it in stock.

You may not forget Rolex is famous worldwide.

Rolex store locator

This is a screenshot taken from their website, if you like to know how many stores they own in your location, please click Here.

Main Reason

The main reason is that they have clients who does not only buy 1 Rolex Submariner steel for example but also a Quartz movement watch which doesn’t sell so easily in the boutiques. Therefore Rolex has more interest selling multiple watches to one person who also buys the hard selling watches.

How can you get one in the shop and which is worth to buy?

There are two ways on getting a watch which has a higher value then in the shops.

  1.  On the moment you are a client at the boutique which bought less valued watches before (Quartz, full Gold etc..).  You will be offered by them the high valued watches of the market.
  2. Rolex keeps a waiting list. You can go to multiple boutiques, leave your contact details and they will contact you within 2 years. If you are lucky of course

Which ones are worth to buy.

If you get the opportunity to choose a Rolex model to buy. Here is a short list to help you make the right decision.

  • Daytona (Steel) Reference. 11650LN
  • GMT-Master II (steel) Reference. 116710LN , Batman or pepsi
  • Submariner No-Date Reference. 114060 (Ceramic bezel)
  • Submariner Date Reference. 116610LN, 116610LV (Hulk),
  • Datejust Steel (only 41MM) Reference. 126300, 126334, 116300, 166334
  • Day-Date Rose or White gold (green dial!) Reference. 228235 or 228239
  • Explorer II Steel Reference. 216570
  • Milgauss Steel Reference 116400 (GV)
  • Sky-Dweller Steel Reference. 326934 (blue,black & white dial)

Can’t you wait for your watch? Here are some models that are available in our website.

Why do you pay more on used watches then brand new watches

As mentioned before. Some models are really hard to get brand new from the shop.
Above you can see the list we’ve made with the most known models of Rolex.

In 2015 you could purchase a submariner steel no date for around 5000 Euro! Today the starting price is at around 7000. In 4 years it increased in price by 20%

Sky-Dweller blue dial steel has a retail price of 13000 euro and is sold on the internet for around 22000 euro.

We hope we did help you.

If you have further more questions or want to buy / Sell a watch.
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