Warranty Service

Warranty service (Second Hand Watches)
We guarantee all (second hand) products are 100% authentic, serviced, polished and (in case of any damages) repaired by professionals.

Buyers has a warranty service of 12 months*

Please note that our warranty covers manufacturing and mechanical defects only.

*Quartz movement watches, Straps and accessories are NOT covered by this warranty. Also, because most mechanical and quartz watches do not keep perfect, accurate time, the warranty does not cover watches that run slow or fast, nor does it cover damage caused by wearer or misuse, such as (but not limited to) dents, knocks, scratching and crushing. the warranty does not cover cracked, broken crystal, water damage or scratched watches. If you decide to repair / service / control (or any other reason / kind) it at another watchmaker or you send it to the official manufacturers of the watch instead of sending it to Precious Time OÜ, Precious Time OÜ is not responsible for any additional bills, losses, cost and you will lose your warranty.

Our warranty is subject to the same terms and conditions as the manufacturer warranty. The standard manufacturer warranty does not cover theft or loss of the watch. Normal wear-and-tear or damage caused to the watch by accidents or mishandling/mistreatment are also excluded, as well as damage caused to a watch due to submersion in water which is against the manufacturer’s guidance. In particular, wear of the watch strap is not covered by the warranty.

Any modification of a watch by the addition or substitution of components by aftermarket products which have not been provided by the manufacturer will also invalidate the warranty. The use of aftermarket components can severely compromise the technical performance, reliability and waterproofness of the watch.

In case of any problem where you meet the warranty, please fill in the Warranty Return Form

Buyer should ship the watch at his cost, insured and with tracking number. In case warranty applies, watch will be serviced, repaired and shipped back on behalf of Precious Time OÜ

Warranty service (Jewelry)
We guarantee all of out jewelry are 18 Karat gold purity (if more or less we mention it) and real, natural diamonds.

All diamonds are set by us, we spend lots of time choosing the right diamond for each jewel to let it shine as most possible.

You have a Lifetime warranty for diamonds who falls out of a jewel, you just send it to us with the fallen diamond and we fix it.

However, if you lost the diamond, you lost the warranty of it. We are not responsible for any lost diamonds.